Maudy Ayunda Dilema Memilih Stanford atau Harvard

Maudy Ayunda Dilema Memilih Stanford atau Harvard

Wanita 25 tahun ini baru saja memberikan kabar gembira kepada netizen. Bahwa maudy ayunda diterima oleh 2 universitas terbaik di dunia yaitu Harvard University dan Stanford University. 

Sebelumnya Maudy juga menyelesaikan pendidikan sarjana Politik Filsafat Ekonomi di Oxford University. Dalam akun instagramnya Maudy membagikan bahwa ia dilema harus memilih universitas yang mana.

Maudy di terima MBA Program Stanford. Ia mengatakan bahwa tidak berharap banyak untuk diterima di Stanford karena banyak sekali saingan dan yang diterima hanya sedikit tetapi tiba – tiba ada kabar bahwa ia diterima di Stanford, ia pun sangat kaget dan langsung memberi kabar ke orang tuanya.

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But the story doesn’t end there. Currently I face a beautiful dilemma, because I also heard back from another big dream of mine: acceptance to Stanford‘s MBA program. (Yay is an understatement!) You gotta understand - I HONESTLY didn’t think I would get in. The acceptance rate was crazy low, and at every step of the application I had to remind myself not to get my hopes up. It was a near impossibility to get in. So imagine the ecstatic shock of receiving that call from Palo Alto. The conversation itself was a blur as I mouthed “oh my god” to my parents. Lesson learned: Dreams are funny things. The most unlikely ones can catch you off guard. Anyways... thought I‘d share this story with all of you - you’ve been such an integral part of my journey and I would like to express my gratitude for your role in getting me here. Thank you for following and listening to the stories I tell. I have yet to decide. I already am leaning towards one of these opportunities, but I’ll share my decision when the time comes. x Mod

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Yang kedua ia diterima di Harvard University di Magister Pnedidik. Maudy mengatakan bahwa ia sangat senang dan rasanya nyata sekali, ia membayangkan momen 2 tahun yang lalu dimana ia menjadi turis dan berfoto - foto disana dan sekarang ia memiliki kesempatan untuk kuliah di universitas terbaik di dunia itu.

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A few days ago, I received my acceptance to Harvard University for a Masters in Education. I was so happy a short caption would not do it justice. It felt surreal, and I was brought back to a moment two years ago, when I walked the rain-splattered steps towards John Harvard’s statue. Tourists and visitors had to line up to capture their moment alongside the statue, and while waiting for my turn - I looked around at the surrounding establishment, enraptured by the intimidating aura that was Harvard. Even in the humidity and rain, I was drawn to its red bricks and the promise of learning it had to offer. I am now engulfed in a multitude of emotions. Excitement, certainly. Gratitude, definitely. But most importantly, I am reminded once again that dreams, when broken down into concrete goals, become achievable plans. And that hard work and commitment to a vision, will reap results. See next post. ❤️

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Samapai saat ini maudy masihbelum memutuskan memilih universitas mana yang akan dipilih olehnya. Maudy mengatakan "I have yet to decide. I already am leaning towards one of these opportunities, but I’ll share my decision when the time comes." yang artinya Saya belum memutuskannya. Saya sudah condong ke salah satu universitas tetapi saya akan membagikan keputusan saya pada saatnya tiba.